My Mum Is Well Chuffed!!

I finally talked my mum into trading in her twenty year old banger with over 180,000 miles on the clock.
The next day she set off car hunting with her elderly gentleman friend and after viewing at several dealerships they visited the One Stop Car Shop.
She was pleased to find several cars in or around her price bracket.
She felt that the staff were attentive and helpful, without being pushy, and put her at her ease.
She was shown around a car, shown all the available documentation, and took it out for a test drive, before finally haggling for a deal.
I received a phone call from my mum (who sounded as excited as a 6 year old on Christmas morning) saying that she had found a perfect little car and had left a small deposit to secure it, but that she wanted my seal of approval before buying.
The garage had put in writing that if I didn’t think that the car was a decent buy then they would refund her deposit in full, no questions asked.
I went up the following evening and was met by Dean. He made us a brew as the car was not quite ready for us to view at the time. Dean had noticed that the fan belt was a bit noisy and had had a new one fitted for my mum.
I took the car for a test drive and noticed that the tracking was out and pulling to the left. I reported this to Dean and he organized that the tracking would be sorted out before we collected the car the following day.
When we picked the car up, all the paperwork was in order, the payment process made very easy and the repair to the tracking done as promised.
Throughout we felt very comfortable and under no pressure at all to buy.
My mum feels happy at the deal she struck, as do the dealership… we all came away winning.
One last thing, the spare key was not available at the time we picked up the car so the owner of the company came to my mum’s house and posted it through the door a couple of days later, how’s about that for service?