Assist Cover

Assist Cover

One Stop Car Shop Car Assist Warranty

One Stop Car Shop Roadside Assistance cover provides you with peace of mind should your vehicle breakdown or need recovery

With One Stop Car Shop Assist as part of your warranty you will be entitled to the following One Stop Car Shop Assist services;

Roadside Assistance and Nationwide Recovery

If your vehicle breaks down due to mechanical or electrical failiure, has a puncture or is involved in an accident, we will send help to the scene. If a repair at the scene is not possible we will arrange for your vehicle and up to five passengers to be recovered to the nearest garage able to undertake the repair. If this is not possible at the time, we will arrange for your vehicle, you and up to five passengers to be transported to your home or original destination

Home Assist

Should you need it, we will despatch one of our recovery operators to your home address or within a one mile radius.

Caravans and Trailers

If your vehicle breaks down and your caravan or trailer is attached, providing it is fitted with a standard towing hitch and does not exceed 23 feet in length, your caravan or trailer will be recovered with your vehicle at no extra cost.

Message Service

If you require, we will gladly pass on two messages to your home or office to let them know your vehicle has been immobilised and easy your worry

Accident Cover

If your vehicle is involved in an accident rendering it immobile or illegal we will transport your vehicle to a nominated local address within the United Kingdom

Puncture Cover

If your vehicle has a puncture and you are unable to change the wheel, service will be provided if your vehicle is carrying a serviceable spare wheel or inflation kit. If your vehicle tyre is badly damaged or uninflatable and you do not have a replacement tyre we will provide service under the terms of the vehicle being immobilised

In the event that your vehicle is fitted with run flat tyres, if a replacement tyre can not be found within a 50 mile radius, you and your vehicle would be recovered to your home or destination in the same way as any other irreparable breakdown.

Toll Fees

We will pay ferry and toll fees only within the confines of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, as part of the recovery


The One Stop Car Shop Assist cover has some exclusions more information about these are available in detail in the One Stop Car Shop warranty handbook or by calling the One Stop Car Shop direct

If you would like more information about a One Stop Car Shop used car warranty call up or call in today

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