Warranty Cover

Warranty Cover

One Stop Car Shop – Car Warranty

A car warranty can help protect you and your vehicle in the event that your vehicle suffers a mechanical or electrical fault. Unforseen repair bills can be a major headache, especially considering the complexity of some of today’s vehicles. Many motorists, when buying a new or used car see the benefit of warranty cover as a solution to the potential situation, providing peace of mind at a relatively small cost.

The One Stop Car Shop have partnered with the UK market leader for vehicle warranties to provide a warranty specifically for One Stop Car Shop customers.

Solutions as individual as you are

  • Your Warranty with One Stop Car Shop covers vehicles up to eight years/80,000 miles at the date of purchase
  • Your One Stop Car Shop warranty covers almost all mechanical and electrical components (detailed in your handbook) all we require is your car is serviced according to the manufacturers recommended service schedule
  • The One Stop Car Shop warranty has a built in 7 day car hire clause which allows you to hire a car for that length of time and be refunded the costs.

If you would like more information about a One Stop Car Shop used car warranty call up or call in today

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